Give One of the Best Christmas Gifts Possible

“No! I can’t do that! I WON’T do that! I can’t let go. How can you ask me to do something like that?? Especially over the holidays. You know it’s so hard for me…”

In my roles as a pastor and as a psychologist, I have had many conversations that sounded something like what you just read.

You are may be wondering, “What is he writing about?”

Forgiveness. I’m writing about forgiveness.

Most of us realize that forgiveness as a concept is important, but so many people struggle to forgive. Why? Forgiveness is often misunderstood. We think it is saying that what happened to us is “ok.” Or, we think that forgiveness gives the offender power over us. Sometimes, we actually try to forgive but continue to feel anger, so we doubt if we really forgave.

In actuality, forgiveness is about the freedom of the person who has been wounded. Forgiveness is the tool that breaks us free from the power of the past so that we can take responsibility for our healing in the present as we journey into our future as healed, whole people.

True forgiveness is a gift. None of us deserve it. In fact, forgiveness is tied to the heart of Christmas. Jesus came as a man, died on a cross, and rose from the grave so that God our Father could forgive the children for whom He loved enough to “empty Himself...humble Himself...and become obedient even unto death!”

This Christmas, consider giving one of the greatest gifts we can give: the gift of forgiveness.

And to help you do this, I want to give you a gift. I have written an exercise that defines forgiveness and provides step-by-step instructions on how to actually forgive. Worksheets are included. Follow the link below. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Click here to download the Forgiveness Worksheet