About Us

In 2004, we (Andy and Melody Yarborough) began talking about the possibility of starting a practice that focused on treating the whole person. "Whole person" for us means focusing on and integrating a person's physical health, soul health, relationships, and spiritual/existential growth in the treatment process. In addition, we wanted to help people discern how to live when the problem went away. Melody and I knew that appropriate training was necessary, so Mel earned a Master’s degree in nursing and I completed a doctoral degree in psychology. We worked in various settings to gain different experiences. I even left psychology full time for a bit to work in the church world. Each experience was beneficial. With each new experience, we became better at integrating different aspects of treatment and growth oriented approaches to help people move towards hope, wellness, and more meaningful lives.

In January 2015, The Well Clinic became the fruit of our 11 year dream. We now serve our community in Louisiana and beyond. We have several professionals working with The Well Clinic that value what we began valuing over a decade ago: Guiding people into hope, wellness, and life. We are excited about the future because we see so many opportunities to serve others through clinical work, organizational consultation, and community involvement. Thank you for taking the time to read the history of The Well Clinic. If we can serve you in any way, please reach out.


Andy Yarborough, Psy.D